Kirkwall Lifeboat service – The Navina 6/12/73

The service to assist the stricken trawler Navina, which ran ashore on Copinsay in a hurricane in 1973, is one of the most famous of the services carried out by Kirkwall Lifeboat.

Listen to the story of the Navina service told by crewman Bob Hall to his son Simon Hall in 2016 #np on #SoundCloud

4 thoughts on “Kirkwall Lifeboat service – The Navina 6/12/73

  1. Regarding this story Please read the RNLI Book 1974 THE REPORTS AND ACCOUNTS 1974.REPORTS AND ACCOUNT 1973.
    This is the true story of what happened and the true events of that day (THAT MAN WAS MY FATHER ) FWP Johnston. My father brought them home safely ,our true hero.


    • Hello, Jeanette
      Thank you for your comment on the story about the Navina service.
      I don’t want to cause you or your family any distress or offence. My intention was to share the story as told to me by one of the crewmen. So if there’s any way that I can clarify the roles or identities of those involved, please let me know; I can edit the accompanying text to say exactly who was there, and in what capacity they served.
      Kind regards,
      Simon Hall
      (Brisknortherly admin.)


      • Hello, Simon.

        No distress or offence taken but, there were a few men on board and many a story was said ,the nearest was the events documented .My Dad carried so much respect then and still does .As well my father is now passed away but ,his bravery and sea fairing days are documented with deep respect .No need to change anything We all know what happened and my Dad took no gratitude, he said it was his job to save life and said no more . Kind Regards Jeanette

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  2. there were men and boys went out on that morning my father got every one home and who were the men and who were boys any good seaman would consult his crew about there chances as a rescue


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